Nail Salon in Glendale AZ

Nail salon Glendale AZ has been as of late rebuilt situated at a wonderful spot in Glendale, AZ. We offer you a definitive in spoiling and boosting your common excellence with our entire hearted, imaginative and proficient staff.

Why Choose us

Massage Therapy

We provide complete massage therapy for your nails and hands to calm your body and to keep your hands and nails moisturized, we have different massage therapies that can be customized according to your needs.


Along with caring for your nails, we provide complete care for your face and body, we have several packages for providing you with the best facial massage.


Your feet express your personality and thus we focus to provide you complete pedicure services having an efficient and dedicated staff.


We have the latest equipment and technology to make your hands and nails beautiful. We have different packages of manicure according to your needs.

Nail Art

We have skilled staff, who can provide you with thousands of beautiful nail art designs along with this we all the latest nail paint and nail art decoration things that can make your hand more beautiful.

Body Wraps

Being the best nail salon and spa, we provide complete body wraps, so that you can have a beautiful, attractive, and smooth body.

Nail Salon Glendale

All the specialists at Nail Salon Glendale are eager to hear your needs and convey to you the best administrations that you have the right to! A vaporous and clean space goes on well with amicable inside enhancements, the entirety of the apparatuses and gear in the salon are new and current and carefully disinfected for clients' security. Unbelievable Nails – Nails for your delightful life!

Nail salon in Scottsdale We're not your normal nail salon, Nail Salon Glendale AZ is an encounter that reveals your faculties and pulls in you to the excellence and cunning surroundings that cause you to feel like you're on an impermanent retreat from the real world. From the keen current design, down to the immense range of hues and beautiful individuals that cause you to feel like sovereignty, Nail Garden is a desert garden of unlimited conceivable outcomes.

The best Nail Salon Glendale brand means to surpass each benefactor's desires by offering a refreshingly present day and agreeable air with accommodation and reasonableness. What truly separates us is our over the top regard for neatness and cleanliness, and a habitual need to fulfill our all customer's needs


James Smith

Mary Smith

Maria Garcia

Robert Smith



“All I can say is it is the best nail salon and spa where we can enjoy the best services under the surveillance of highly trained and skilled staff and would recommend it to everyone.”

Jack Williams


“A good place to get beautiful and attractive nails, they not only focus on providing beautiful nails but also provide overall care for the body, it is advisable to visit at least once there. ”

Nick Jones


“A cooperative and friendly staff, who provide services according to your needs and choices, I am still surprised at how they manage to serve overall body care services to customers being a nail salon and spa, recommended to all who want beautiful hands and body.”

Shae Brown

Our Services

Nail Care
Multi-Vitamin Treatment
Feet Treatment
Men's Nail Fix
Facial hair and Mustache Trim
Body Treatments
Gel Nails Full Set

Regular Nail Treatments
All spa nail treatments and pedicure medications incorporate a back rub for hands and arms or lower legs and feet, fingernail skincare and lotion, nail prep and clean. Our spa medicines incorporate our mark, perfectly scented petals that buoy nimbly in the water while purging. Our hand and foot care medications offer customers a sweet break. visit nail places in Glendale We offer a wide assortment of hues and structures to browse with the goal that we can guarantee that our clients get the best-customized administration. Our exceptionally prepared and authorized professionals cautiously keep up a sterile situation that is overseen in our agreeable and sumptuous climate. Nail Salon Glendale Arizona intends to eclipse our customer's desires and accommodation with the goal that each customer leaves invigorated, restored, and revived. Contact Nail Salon Glendale for free inquiry.


5143 W Olive Ave Suite#145,

Glendale, AZ 85302, United States


+1 623-931-4040